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Scientific data

That's the "IMAGE" that pursued reliable quick direct bonding and simplification!

Oral Implant Systems have been a great way to treat tooth loss since the concept of osteointegration came to be commonly known. Now, Oral Implant Systems have been introduced to clinical doctors, and new types of implants providing higher rates of success and simpler operations are required by doctors as well as patients. Arrow Implant System was developed for those purposes, in particular for Asian people.

Apatite-Blasted Surface Process(ABS)"Apatite-Blasted Surface Process(ABS)" creates higher biocompatibility. Arrow Implant is placed by self-tapping, thus realizes tight bone contact. The fixture of Arrow Implant is equipped with a placement tool using internal hex, which makes operations effectively simpler, quicker and safer.

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Apatite-Blasted Surface Process(ABS)

This method is that the surface of Implant which bonds to bone is roughly blasted by Sintered Calcium Phosphate Ceramics(HAP, Beta-TCP).Thus as the blasted particles slightly remained are farely bioactive for osteointegration, the surface of ABS implant has certainly higher rate of success in clinical results.

ABS Characteristics

To determine the distribution of Calcium Phosphate in ABS, Calcium was found out remaining on all over the blasted surface(Calcium Analysis by SEM and EPMA). However, according to the chemical analysis of blasted surface, this remaining content is less than 1% toward all over the surface. This value is sufficient enough to bring Biocompatibility, which makes bonding be earlier.

ABS Characteristics

Almost of Calcium Phosphate except onto surface of Titanium tightly is removed by washing after blasted treatment. Thus its surface is quite similar as that of pure Titanium. That is why ABS Implant is close to pure Titanium Implant with rough surface rather than to hydroxyapatite coated Implant.

ABS Characteristics ABS Characteristics

These photos show enlargement SEM of ABS and its EPMA data. To analyze Calcium Phosphate particle onto surface of Titanium, both Calcium and Phosphorus are detected. On the other hand, to analyze pure Titanium surface, naturally Titanium is detected. As blasted treatment itself makes blasted particle remain on surface of Titanium, the remnants keep Biocompatibility. ABS is anticipated to contribute to Biocompatibility at an early stage of implantation.

ABS Characteristics ABS Characteristics

Clinical Test(Short term)

Both ABS Arrow and the pure Titanium Arrow, as a control, were implanted into a Mongrel's jaw bone by one-stage operation. Then its tissue sample was taken 5 weeks later. It is obvious that ABS Arrow was surrounded by a newly formed tissue layer.

Pure Titanium Implant  ABS Arrow Implant
Pure Titanium Implant ABS Arrow Implant

Clinical Test(Long term)

ABS Arrow were implanted into a Mongrel's jaw bone by the one-stage free standing operation, and after 20 weeks later its sample was prepared. During this test, although pressure of occlusion was constant, it was possible to chew as usual. Now these two photos show this enlargement sample(Left) and part of alveolus bone sample(Right). It is not recognized the insert of tissue between implant and bone, and osteointegration state is quite smooth. Then according to this clinical test, osteointegration is appeared in early stage, which leads to quick direct and long term fixation to bone.

Clinical Test Clinical Test

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