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Features of Arrow Implant

Introduction of Implant System

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ABS (ABS = HydroxyApatite SandBlasted Surface)

In Arrow system, it is considered that the most important thing for implantation is to keep gentle positioning until osteointegration is gained. Thus it can be fixed mechanically due to screw effect by tight self-tapping. Screw type Implant by self-tapping is more effective to integrate with bone than Cylinder type Implant by tapping and insetting.

ABS technology was developed to realize the above concept. As Arrow by ABS treatment has no coating layer at all on implant surface, it is never peeled by bone friction with strong self-tapping. However, even if it has no coating layer, the implant body cleaned after blasting surface treatment with Calcium Phosphate Ceramics (β-TCP and Apatite) generates accelerated osseointegration. Those are great characteristics of Arrow Implant by ABS treatment.
Notice that, by those two characteristics, "In case that tight implantation causes excessive pressure to bone, the bone absorption will not appear around implant."

For these reasons, dentists who use our implants apply them for patients with poor bone quality in the maxilla, for socket lift, sinus lift, or for ridge expansion. They sometimes use implants immediately after removing teeth. At times, the treatment can be finished in a relatively short amount of time such as 1-2 months before putting abutments for the mandible and 2-3 months for the maxilla.

The patent Arrow Implant has various original technologies which are applied to 10 patents rights. The patent application regions are good for 25 European countries, U.S.A. and Japan.

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