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about Implant

What's Implant?

Artificial Tooth = Implants

Implants is a treatment method to insert an artificial tooth into the jaw bone where a tooth has been lost. It can recover the appearance and function of the original tooth from the root to the crown (tooth cap to be placed over the implant).

Implants can help you enjoy chewing food again

Implants makes "chewing hard food" possible, the pleasure that dentures or bridges cannot provide. When chewing food, an incredible amount of load is put on the teeth. In fact, molars must sustain as much as 150 - 200 kg of load. By replacing a lost tooth with an implant, a patient can chew food again as he or she did before. Furthermore, color and appearance of the crown can be made to match the patient's teeth. In addition, implants can last a lifetime as long as proper care is taken.

Titanium: the mainstream metal for implants

In the past, various materials were used for implants. Currently however, titanium is considered the best material based on a number of researches conducted in different countries of the world. Titanium is commonly used for a variety of medical supplies including the volts to stabilize broken bones. It is a safe material with very little risk of causing allergic reactions to human body.

When receiving an implant treatment, it is essential that patients have the correct knowledge of the implants and select a dentist with dependable skills and experience.

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